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1. favorite bands:
prince, stevie wonder, nelly, ursher, bsb, i'm lame, sonia dada, paul simon, peter gabriel, none of these are bands yo. snoop dogg, ludacris, black eyed peas, maroon 5, brian setzer, city high, missy elliott, outkast, will smith.
2. favorite movies:
pirates of the carribean, zoolander, singin' in the rain, the princess bride, fantasia. when i was in fourth grade my favorite movie was fly away home. haha. i like that peter gabriel song. salisbury hill. yeah.
3. favorite books:
the lovely bones, gingerbread, the princesses of bamarre, to kill a mockingbird, wtf okay i can't remember the other ones. harry potter. haha.
4. who would win in a fight: a gorilla or a bear?
a gorilla, because it can um. climb? no, maybe bears can climb. but gorillas are hella tight. i mean, was there ever a gigantic bear attack on a city? no. king kong? yesssss.
5. what instrument do you play, and why?
clarinet, because it's hella tight and you can do lots of different styles with it (buena vista social club, anyone?) and ummmm. it's a lot of fun. i play bari too, and that's tight cause it's hella low. and i played piano and that's pretty bro because well, no assembly required, plus you can play two diff parts.
6. [person of choice]: bro or unbro?
right too lazy to answer this right now
7. if you could be any famous dead person, who and why?
i would not like to be famous, or dead. ha ha. no. i wouldn't want to be someone else. i mean i'm pretty cool, right?
8. omfg wtf stfu bbl. explain:
9. if wishes were horses...?
i never liked horses.
10. guilty pleasure?
dude okay there are four of me on the main page. but i have hella so here we go

ha ha they're small. handle it (as my math class would say)
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